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Atlas D Missile Site

United StatesUnited States

Cheyenne, WY

Former Atlas “D” Missile Site 4 was one of four former Atlas D missile sites and nine Atlas E missile sites operated in Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming. Site 4 was used for the housing, readiness, and potential launch of nuclear missiles. During readiness exercises, the missiles were fueled and defueled; TCE was used as a solvent to clean the rocket fuel tanks, engines, and/or liquid oxygen lines; and rinse waste was discharged to unlined burnout pits. Infiltration of TCE through the soil has resulted in groundwater contamination beneath and downgradient of the former missile site. The TCE plume from the site has extended at least 12 miles downgradient, and is impacting the potable water supply for the city of Cheyenne, WY.

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