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Hazardous Waste and Range Management

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NAVFAC Southeast, MS

 We produced a comprehensive Work Plan for the NAS Meridian ORC.  The purpose of the Work Plan was to clearly define the scope of work and our approach for completing the scope.  Included were innovative approaches that had not been utilized during previous ORC’s at the site.  These approaches allowed the project to be completed in a very tight time window and under the proposed costs.

Initial mobilization efforts included the setup of a temporary field office, acquisition of rental equipment, establishing a liaison with NAS Meridian Public Works personnel and close coordination with the Range Control office for access to the range complex. UXO management personnel arrived on-site and began familiarizing themselves with the site and coordinating the best approach for the field work that was to begin within the next 2 days. The balance of the UXO personnel assigned to this project arrived the following day.

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