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Multi-Functional Facility Defense

United StatesUnited States

GSA, Washington D.C. Metro Area

Versar was responsible for this three-phase project.  Phase 1 was the design of this mission-critical facility.  Phase 2 was the design and construction of a temporary isolation facility to protect personnel, equipment and facilities from the potential threat from weapons of mass destruction.  Phase 2 was required because of the 24x7 nature of this mission-critical facility. Phase 3 was the construction of the permanent facility.  Versar has recently achieved substantial completion of Phase 3 the design/build of a 75,000+ ft2   renovation for the client at a confidential location in the Metro DC area.  Versar provided architectural, mechanical, electrical, and structural building design.  The facility contained roughly 60,000 ft2 of warehouse/process area and about 10,000 ft2 of office space.  The project objective was to redesign the building incorporating emerging technology into threat detection and reduction for the safety of personnel and protection of resources.  

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