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U.S. Department of State, Baghdad, Iraq

The new U.S. Embassy compound in Baghdad, Iraq is the largest U.S. Department of State compound to be constructed to-date.  This fast-track, design build project, currently under construction, includes fifteen significant building structures and is to be completed with a total design and construction schedule of 15-months.  The most significant of the new building structures on this compound include the following:

  • Chief of Mission Residence (CMR)
  • Deputy Chief of Mission Residence (DCMR)
  • Support Annex (GSO)
  • Apartment Building A1 – A6 (SDA1-SDA6)
  • New Office Annex (NOX) 
  • Commissary (REC1)
  • Community Center (REC2)
  • Recreational Facility (REC3)
  • Marine Security Guard Quarters (MSGQ)
  • Interim Office Building (IOB)

Build-out of of the Baghdad Embassy Controlled Access Area (CAA)

Facilities Development Corporation (FDC) SDVOSB, in partnership with Versar, led a team of highly qualified contractors that has made a significant contribution to the build-out of the Baghdad Embassy Controlled Access Area (CAA).  


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