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Range Support Services

United States United States

Computer Science Corporation, NV
 Versar, Inc. (Versar) currently provides Range Management and Support Services to the 98th Range Wing at Nellis AFB and the Nevada Test and…

Hazardous Waste and Range Management

United States United States

NAVFAC Southeast, MS
 Versar (formerly ADVENT)  currently holds a 5 year IDIQ contract for Architect and Engineering (A/E) Services for the Navy Hazardous Waste…

Munitions Explosives Removal

United States United States

USACE - Los Angeles District, CA
Versar is currently performing range maintenance surface and limited subsurface clearance operations to safely locate, identify, assess the…

Naval Training Range

Puerto Rico Puerto Rico

NAVFAC, Puerto Rico
The eastern end of Vieques was developed as a training range as part of the Atlantic Fleet Weapons Training Facility. The Vieques Naval…

Atlas D Missile Site

United States United States

Cheyenne, WY
Former Atlas “D” Missile Site 4 was one of four former Atlas D missile sites and nine Atlas E missile sites operated in Colorado, Nebraska,…

District of Columbia Program Management

United States United States

D.C. Courts, Washington D.C.
 Provided strategic and master planning coordination to the District of Columbia Courts for the overall renovation and rehabilitation of…

Prefabrication and Pre-Purchase Services

Iraq Iraq

U.S. Department of State, Baghdad, Iraq
 The new U.S. Embassy compound in Baghdad, Iraq is the largest U.S. Department of State compound to be constructed to-date.  This…

Parking Structure

United States United States

Redwood Commercial, Springfield, VA
Versar was the design/build contractor for a fixed price $4M  freestanding parking structure in Springfield, Virginia.  Versar provided the…

Scheduling Services

United States United States

AFCEE, Andrews Air Force Base, MD
 Versar provided credentialed engineering professionals who performed Title II services associated with the construction of the…

Multi-Functional Facility Defense

United States United States

GSA, Washington D.C. Metro Area
Versar was responsible for this three-phase project.  Phase 1 was the design of this mission-critical facility.  Phase 2 was the design and…

Design and Installation

United States United States

GSA, Richmond, VA
 Johnson Controls Federal Systems/Versar, LLC (JCFS/V) completed an American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funded solar energy…

Sustainment, Restoration and Modernization

United States United States

The U.S. Air Force’s SATOC, contractually administered by HQ Air Force Material Command (AFMC) and operationally implemented by the HQ AF…