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Environmental Services - Pollution Prevention - Versar, Inc.

Above Ground Storage Tank (AST) & Underground Storage Tank (UST) Management

Versar’s experience with AST and UST management plans is extensive and takes full advantage of our staff’s knowledge of environmental regulations, policies, and best practices related to the installation, operation, and maintenance of AST/UST systems.

Versar has provided AST/ UST design and engineering support services since the late 1980s and has prepared more than 2,500 UST and AST system designs and specifications for petroleum products, hazardous materials, and hazardous wastes. Our goal is to help you define your needs, meet state and local requirements, and ensure that all field activities are performed according to our exacting standards.

Pollution prevention opportunity assessments (P2OAs) represent the preferred methodology identified by the EPA and other federal agencies to identify waste streams, examine the processes that generate waste, and discover ways to reduce waste and save money.

Our expertise with ASTs/USTs enables us to provide the following turnkey services:

  • Submit appropriate notices and obtain necessary permits from regulatory agencies
  • Prepare designs, specifications, and bid packages for new tank installations and existing tank closures
  • Provide engineering oversight and construction management during new tank installations and existing tank closures

Storage Tank Compliance Reports, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and Management Plans

Versar’s storage tank consultants have experience and expertise in AST/UST storage tank regulatory requirements in the US and have a proven record of excellence in conducting inspections of tank installations for regulatory compliance. Versar’s UST/AST compliance services are part of our Environmental and Regulatory Compliance Practice Area, which gives our staff a robust reach back capability of expertise and experience for onsite support at numerous facilities in the US and internationally. We have significant experience with the development of SOPs and management plans to ensure compliance with Federal and state AST/UST regulations.

Design and Installation of Tanks

Versar prepares tank designs for new installations, including specifications and related bid documents, and provides construction management during tank installation activities to ensure the installation conforms to specifications and regulatory requirements. Following installation completion, we prepare a tank installation report which includes: a summary of the installation activities; results of tank system testing; as-built drawings of the tank system(s); as-installed tank registration documentation; and related product documentation (e.g., warranties) of tank system components.

Investigation and Remediation of Contaminants at UST Sites

Versar has substantial site investigation and remediation staffing for UST sites where problems such as petroleum products or other potentially hazardous substances have leaked or spilled or were inadvertently released to the environment. We can provide site assessment services and develop options for soil and/or groundwater remediation, as necessary. Versar consultants follow all appropriate regulatory requirements and provide a range of remedial options to meet specific deadlines, to manage costs over a longer period while still meeting regulatory requirements, or to define a performance-based approach based on the intended future use of the site.