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Environmental Services - Pollution Prevention - Versar, Inc.


Versar's years of experience navigating regulatory processes at federal, state, and local levels for projects affecting archaeological properties ensures that your objectives are met with creative and cost-effective solutions. Our experience ranges from small urban archaeological surveys conducted for development projects that need to comply with local or municipal historic preservation ordinances to large-scale, multi-phase studies conducted for large military installations. Versar's highly skilled experienced archaeological consultants exceed the Secretary of the Interior's professional qualifications standards. We use traditional and cutting-edge technology to find sensible and creative solutions for solving clients' archaeological needs. We bring regional expertise to every project, which ensures cost effective, quality services for our clients.

Versar archaeological experts offer the following skill sets:

  • Human remains identification and cemetery relocation
  • Due diligence and desktop studies
  • Surveys and site evaluations
  • Monitoring and damage assessments
  • Data recovery
  • Geoarchaeology
  • Rock art recordation
  • Geophysical and GIS-based studies including, electromagnetic conductivity, magnetometry, ground penetrating radar
  • Predictive modeling and analyses
  • Artifact analysis and collections management
  • 3D laser scanning, modeling, and animation
  • Automated data collection systems