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Ecology and Natural Resources

Whether a project is offshore or onshore, Versar can determine the effects on natural resources. Our natural resources team provides highly specialized services to federal, state, county, and local municipalities with expertise in innovative mitigation. Our natural resources staff stays ahead of the ever-changing, complex regulatory environment, providing our clients with the knowledge and experience needed to meet or exceed goals and objectives. Versar's services include: protected species assessments and management, wetland delineations and Section 404 permitting, ecosystem and habitat restoration, water quality monitoring, ecological modeling, and environmental planning.

Versar has long-standing relationships with our customers. For example, Versar has been the Biology Integrator for the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Power Plant Research Program since its inception in 1974. We have provided the field assessments, technical reviews, licensing conditions, and Public Service Commission testimony on 75 facilities, including conventional fossil fuel fired plants, hydroelectric projects, wind power projects, landfill gas facilities, LNG facilities, nuclear power stations and both inter- and intra-state power transmission lines. We have also designed and implemented the Maryland Biological Stream Survey, which provides the basis for Maryland's Clean Water Act 303d impaired waters list.

Since 1996, Versar has been the contractor of choice for municipal stormwater jurisdictions in Maryland and Northern Virginia, providing illicit discharge detection, hotspot investigations, storm runoff sampling, storm water treatment performance assessments, geomorphic assessments, biological sampling, water quality and total maximum daily load (TMDL) modeling, and annual report and database preparation. Our services are tailored to meet the specific needs of individual permits, Chesapeake Bay Program TMDL targets, and Chesapeake Trust Fund monitoring requirements.

Versar has supported the Chesapeake Bay Program since 1994, developing the original biological restoration goals for the Chesapeake Bay. We continue to conduct the long-term benthic monitoring program that assesses the status and trends of Bay restoration. We have also supported many related Maryland DNR fish, crab, and oyster management programs, including electronic reporting, statistical surveys, waterman partnerships, and habitat restoration.

Lastly, Versar specializes in marine sciences, including mammal and sea turtle biology, ornithology, fish and fisheries, coral reef ecology, and acoustics. We have performed a variety of marine protected species projects in the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans; the Gulf of Mexico; the Caribbean Sea; and the Mediterranean Sea for commercial, private, and government clients, including assessments in the Navy's operating areas across the globe.