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Energy Services

In today's economy, energy is an asset and it means value to your bottom line. Minimizing energy costs and maximizing energy flexibility is an important, yet many times overlooked, element of any successful business plan. Our philosophy – whether we are involved in new building construction, retrofits, energy audits, building commissioning, or measurement and verification – is to find this value for our clients, a value that is transferable right to the bottom line.

At Versar, we approach energy services with long-term value in mind. Our services enable clients to incorporate knowledge management into operational decision-making and risk management, at the same time adding value to the bottom line. Our results-oriented energy professionals can help you improve energy efficiency while ensuring that indoor/outdoor air quality, occupant comfort and productivity, sustainability, and your budget will not be sacrificed in the process.

Strategic Energy Planning Services

Whether you are involved with meeting executive orders or other goals as a federal agency or are trying to improve energy efficiency as an industry, energy planning is key to providing a good return to your bottom line or achieving measurable energy goals. Versar offers comprehensive energy planning services including:

  • Linkage of your energy opportunities to air quality, greenhouse gas reduction, and credit opportunities
  • Energy choice analysis including, evaluation of energy choices such as full cost and payback, life-cycle cost analysis, financing, and technical analysis
  • Evaluation of alternative energy source options, costs, and benefits
  • Combined CHP-Cogen feasibility analysis
  • Strategic risk management, including green energy purchases and tariff analysis
  • Federally mandated requirements planning such as executive orders and legislation.

Energy Audit and Assessment Services, and Water Conservation

Good data input leads to good data output. Energy audits provide clients with baseline information along with identification of energy conservation opportunities to determine the best solution for reducing energy use. Versar conducts complex “investment grade” audits and simpler audits to meet clients’ needs. Versar also supplies water audits and provides recommendations to reduce water consumption.

Commissioning and Metering Services

Versar offers building commissioning services on existing or new construction. These services are designed to ensure that your building systems are working as intended. Similarly, Versar offers metering services that involve monitoring of energy usage from any number and type of source for a building.

Energy Services Performance Contracting (ESPC) Support Services

Versar provides services in support of ESPC contracts including, advisory services; requests for quote writing and source selection support; return on investment and economic analysis; energy services company (ESCO) review; environmental and measurement and verification (M&V) services for ESPC contracting entities. Versar is not an ESCO and is not in the ESPC business, we provide unbiased information to determine whether an ESPC project should go forward. Versar has provided support to ESCOs to conduct their M&V; audits; and other environmental analyses.

Renewable Energy

Should I consider renewable energy? Versar helps you answer this question by providing feasibility analysis for renewables such as solar, biomass, and wind. We also have conducted extensive methane gas/landfill analysis. We not only look at the cost and design implications of potential renewable choices but also examine the environmental implications of the effort.

Should I consider using resource efficiency managers (REMs) or outsourcing energy staff? Versar has provided REMs to DoD installations and commands. Typically used in DoD or other parts of the federal government and located onsite, REMs provide complete energy services. In the private sector, Versar provides onsite REM services at your location, tailored to meet your energy needs.

Will alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs) be right for me? Versar answers this question through comprehensive analysis of economic, engineering, and regulatory factors that may affect your selection of bio-fuels, ethanol, hydrogen, electric, or other AFV fuels.

Comprehensive Environmental Services Including NEPA and Air Permitting

Versar can provide you not only with comprehensive energy services but also with environmental services. If you are a federal agency, this is very important because energy projects can be delayed or even halted due to NEPA-related issues. Similarly, for the private sector, lack of an item such as a complete air permit could seriously jeopardize your project. We integrate energy and environmental services that minimize delays. We also determine whether you are eligible to receive environmentally related credits such as emission reduction credits for your energy project.

Executive Order (EO) 13514/Sustainability Services

EO 13514 entitled, "Federal Leadership in Environmental, Energy, and Economic Performance” went into effect on October 5, 2009. EO 13514 builds on the "green initiatives" within the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act and is designed to reduce federal agency greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 through a stepwise series of reductions based on different types of GHG contributors. These contributors include all emissions sources (stationary and mobile), as well as indirect sources such as installation vehicular traffic and sources of electricity and/or power.

Versar's EO 13514 assistance includes the following areas:

  • Credible GHG Inventory Services
  • Comprehensive Energy Services
  • Comprehensive Sustainable Strategic Planning Services
  • Comprehensive Outsourcing Services
  • Comprehensive Environmental Services

In Summary

Energy is an asset and it can add value to your bottom-line. Versar has considerable experience in the energy services area, along with the linkage of energy projects to environmental savings. Our job is to utilize knowledge to minimize risk to your energy assets and therefore create green value for you, the customer.