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Exit Strategy Development

For many of our customers, the primary objective of their environmental remediation/restoration program is to end their liability for existing contamination in a finite time and to achieve that goal as quickly as possible within the constraints of their budgets, the regulatory process, and available cleanup technologies. They need an environmental consultant who will minimize the threat of non-achievement of their goal by implementing sound decision analysis and risk management practices as well as optimization efforts along the way. Versar remediation specialists can help you define remedial action objectives by working closely with you to customize an exit strategy that meets your specific requirements. Onsite Versar staff helps you develop and implement a site-specific remediation program. Our site exit strategies are formal plans for guiding your site from initial characterization of contamination through remediation, to site closure, and potentially, to reuse. Versar remediation specialists help you end the ongoing costs of remediation and long-term engagement in site clean-up work.

Versar provides remediation consultants who are expert in various levels of clean-up activities such as the following situations:

  • If you have an annual restoration budgetary constraint or spending profile in mind, Versar specialists can plan and implement a suitable remediation strategy consistent with your budget that will allow you to complete site restoration over a period of time, while still meeting regulatory and other stakeholder requirements. Versar will prepare an anticipated spending profile estimate for your project to quantify expected costs over time until the work is completed.
  • If you need to have a site restored to a specific condition such as industrial reuse by a certain date, Versar specialists will develop a detailed project schedule that combines proven and innovative technologies. The plan will include a required spending forecast that incorporates stakeholder engagement (regulators, public participation, others), appropriate risk management and contingency plan elements, and performance metrics to track clean-up progress and ensure you meet your deadline.
  • If you need assistance with environmental liability transfer or assumption of environmental remediation liability for a critical or timing-sensitive property transfer, business relocation, or redevelopment initiative, Versar scientists, engineers, and remediation specialists will work with you to ensure that site restoration goals, as well as accountability and responsibility, are foremost in your business plan.
  • If you need a site to be fully cleaned up for a fixed price, Versar consultants can work with you to define a schedule and project budget that guarantees a suitable final condition such as industrial reuse or unrestricted residential reuse for your property. The exit strategy our remediation specialists develop for you will include all the steps necessary to achieve site-specific performance objectives, including risk mitigation and contingency plans; legal consulting and representation; and a detailed project schedule.

Our performance-based remediation program for the US Air Force exemplifies Versar's experience with exit strategy development. The resource network we have developed; field experiences we have encountered; and technical, program management, and stakeholder management skills we have refined and enhanced make us well suited to achieve your site remediation project goals.