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Performance Based Remediation

Versar has current contracts worth more than $100M in on-going federal restoration and remedial projects. This work includes four PBR projects awarded by the US Air Force to complete environmental restoration and remediation at more than 150 sites located at 15 Air Force facilities in 10 different states — Tinker AFB PBR, New England Group PBR, Great Lakes PBR and Front Range PBR. Versar guarantees that the Air Force will achieve specific performance outcomes for each site up to and including site closeout to achieve residential reuse criteria. The Air Force and state and federal regulators oversee the project and worked with the Versar Team to develop metrics with agreed upon milestones to measure our progress toward successful cleanup of each site. Progress payments for reaching these milestones insure the Air Force pays only for successfully completed objectives.

Versar understands the primary objectives of PBR projects include the development of an optimized exit strategy, elimination of long-term liability to the site owner, and reduction of the life cycle costs of environmental restoration projects. The overarching goal is to create a collaborative and cooperative approach among the project stakeholders to facilitate decision-making, drive consensus, and move sites toward site closure expediently.

Versar works closely with our clients to develop a performance work statement or a statement of objectives and to develop an integrated master schedule that will eliminate environmental project liabilities as quickly as possible. Our goal is to meet your schedule and site reuse criteria. PBR as a project delivery method can be applied to any contaminated site where a specific outcome such as industrial reuse of a property with land use controls; unrestricted reuse and unlimited exposure to site media suitable for residential use; or project schedule/duration is desirable.