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Remediation Support Services

Versar offers highly qualified specialists to support our remediation practice and provide turnkey client solutions. We provide services that enhance project execution and guarantee a successful project outcome.

Risk Management and Contingency Planning

Versar's professional staff has the proven project experience and leadership to create successful remediation project outcomes using a formalized risk management approach. We can implement site-specific risk management for a project executed by our team or help you to assess a current project's risk profile to guide and enhance your decision-making.

Versar integrates risk management and contingency planning into our project management plan (PMP) for every project – and particularly for large-scale environmental remediation projects. The Versar project risk analysis, which includes risk mitigation plans, a risk register, and contingency plan, is part of the PMP, and is updated at least quarterly. We undertake formal annual updates in the PMP for long-term or ongoing remediation project work.

Our remediation specialists meet targeted performance objectives for our clients by identifying, monitoring, and continually evaluating project risks. We outline strategies for mitigation of the risks in a project risk register and develop contingency plans to deal with shortcomings – events that occur even with the best risk management strategy. Versar provides alternate technical approaches ("Plan B") to ensure achievement of the project goals for each remediation site. Plan B is triggered when the performance of the primary solution fails to meet expectations (cost, schedule, or treatment goals/objectives) or becomes technically infeasible due to insurmountable regulatory or stakeholder obstacles.

While risk management practices are intended to minimize future risks from occurring, we also rely on lessons learned from past events where real-time issues required effective leadership, technical excellence, strategic thinking, and collaboration with stakeholders to achieve resolution. Versar remediation specialists leverage lessons learned to enhance our performance on your project. At the same time that we assess and reevaluate potential project risks each quarter, we identify successful approaches used during the period to move the project forward as well as issues that hindered the effective use of resources. The compilation and distribution of lessons learned as part of the Versar risk management strategy allows us to take pro-active steps to improve your project. Lessons learned are essential to continuous improvement.

Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessment

Versar uses risk assessment strategies to evaluate the potential effects of chemicals of concern (COCs) on human health and the environment. As a long-term contractor to the US EPA with more than 20 years of proven toxicological and exposure risk evaluation expertise, our scientists can help you to understand the potential impact of pollution from past spills, leaks, or industrial usage of a site. Versar's remediation scientists develop site-specific remedial action objectives (RAOs). The RAOs may allow higher concentrations of COCs to remain at a site by demonstration of low impacts and acceptable exposure scenarios based on current or future site use. This demonstration is made through the performance of a baseline risk assessment consisting of a human health risk assessment and an ecological risk assessment. The risk assessment process is critical to the development of site-specific RAOs and is a valuable tool when used to refine and assess project remediation goals. Versar has a capable professional staff of toxicologists and risk assessment specialists to ensure your site will be safely cleaned-up to an acceptable, scientifically defensible condition.

Stakeholder Support and Facilitation

Versar works with clients with environmental remediation projects ranging from relatively simple, small sites with few stakeholders to large-scale, highly complex projects where stakeholder involvement is substantial. Versar offers professional facilitators to guide the process of identifying stakeholders and developing appropriate management strategies for communication and engagement as well as understanding their interests, involvement, and potential impact and influence on the overall remediation strategy. Our facilitators are skilled in human relations – creating opportunity for group consensus, team building, conflict resolution, and development of an environment where active engagement enhances the project outcome. Our project facilitators lead public meetings, regulatory sessions, employee gatherings, and other engagements where information about the remediation project is disseminated to ensure effective lines of communications. We leverage positive relationships and build coalitions with those stakeholders with the ability to influence the progress of the project and its potential for ongoing success in a positive way.

Integrated Data Support Services (IDSS)

Environmental projects, particularly those focused on site investigation and remediation, require data entry, manipulation, presentation, analysis, and interpretation of site-specific information collected over the life of the project. The information may be as simple as photographs and daily field reports or as multifaceted as monitoring data from specialized environmental instrumentation; logs of subsurface soil conditions; injected quantities of chemical and biological compounds; and lists of chemical analyses detected in site soil and/or groundwater samples multiple times each year. Typically, environmental remediation and restoration sites have long life cycles and the management of project data becomes cumbersome. Historical data and ongoing site records are imperative to assessing developing trends, treatment effectiveness, and the design of a successful exit strategy for a site. Versar understands the importance of your site data and provides a state-of-the-art solution for our remediation projects.

Versar's preferred approach for IDS uses a third-party IDS application custom-tailored to our specific program needs. We provide an innovative solution for our clients, our staff, state and federal regulators, and other project stakeholders for information sharing. Versar's IDS allows us to receive project information directly from the Versar field technician or from project-integrated laptop computers, smart phones, iPads™ or other tablet devices in real time. We receive electronic data deliverables directly from our analytical laboratory partners so that critical findings are immediately available via a web-based interface. For each project site, our specialists import a site map and monitoring well data so that spatial analyses like groundwater contours and contaminant plume maps can be displayed on demand. The Versar IDSS system also has the capability to import historical data (including data collected by others) for use in trend analysis and performance monitoring. Our approach accelerates the visualization of new information, leading to critical decisions that save time and money and optimize performance.

Versar can host a project-specific web site for your project or portfolio of sites that becomes a trading ground for reports, commentary, site data, maps, site history, and critical communications. Versar's project web sites integrate seamlessly with the IDSS solution, creating a one-stop shop for all your project information.