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Water Quality Modeling

Since 1991, Versar's scientists have collaborated with state and federal governments and commercial clients in two states to meet water quality sampling, data collection, data analysis, database preparation, and report preparation needs. The scope of our services includes stormwater permit-required; long-term monitoring of surface waters; parcel-specific targeted monitoring; customized stream restoration; and stormwater treatment efficiency monitoring projects. Versar consultants tailor their services to meet the specific needs of individual permits, Chesapeake Bay Program total maximum daily load targets, and Chesapeake Trust Fund monitoring requirements. Versar's satisfied client list includes the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the State of Maryland, local municipalities, and developers.

Versar's seasoned project staff has supported storm runoff monitoring projects for Phase I and Phase II MS4 jurisdictions since 1996. Storm monitoring requires coordination of field staff, meteorology, subcontractor laboratory support, and equipment to capture the required number of valid events successfully. Our in-house Weather Forecasting Center, located in Germantown, Maryland, is integrated into the storm capture effort and provides project-focused, custom forecasts on a weekly, daily, and up-to-the-minute basis to keep staff abreast of rapidly changing weather conditions. Versar's front-line water quality teams have more than 16 years of experience in storm monitoring mobilization and successful capture.

Versar scientists have designed and conducted short-term, specialized water quality monitoring to verify innovative Best Management Practice (BMP) performance since 1998. Most of the monitoring work we have done has been conducted in Special Protection Areas of Montgomery County, Maryland. Our scientists have conducted performance evaluations on bioretention, sand filter, hydrodynamic, cartridge filter, and combined treatment trains. We submit our evaluation results to the Stormwater Best Management Practice database. In 2012, Versar conducted stormwater quality monitoring on gray and green infrastructure and concurrently evaluated stormwater best management practice efficiency at multiple sites in the Clarksburg, Maryland Special Protection Areas for the US EPA. Versar staff coordinated with EPA, the US Geological Survey, and county staff to customize station design, develop protocols, and select appropriate instrumentation to meet data acquisition needs.

Versar water quality monitoring consultants are experienced in the appropriate use, setup, deployment, maintenance, and calibration of the following technologies:

  • Teledyne ISCO automated samplers
  • Hach Sigma automated samplers
  • Bubbler flow loggers
  • Pressure transducer flow loggers
  • Area-velocity flow loggers
  • Instream water temperature monitors
  • Multiparameter water quality sondes to measure dissolved oxygen, specific conductivity, pH, temperature, and turbidity
  • Rainfall loggers
  • Weather stations
  • Well depth loggers

Versar is the "go to" firm for water chemistry monitoring.