Professional Services

Cultural Resource Management Specialist Staff

Cultural Resources Services

Versar's onsite conservation teams provide technical support consistent with federal, state, and local regulatory requirements and support state departments of public works cultural resources programs. Versar provides onsite staff that performs curatorial services, development planning, and assists with clarifying mission objectives. Versar's staff works in concert with our customers to retain the installation's cultural heritage while supporting the mission.

Versar professionals are expert in federal, state, and local historic preservation regulatory processes. We plan the management of historic properties and resources that results in the effective stewardship of our cultural heritage. Versarís staff of specialists bases their projects on the following critical criteria:

  • Federal law that requires military land managers to take into account the effect of their undertakings on historic properties that are listed in or eligible for inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places
  • Cultural resource management compliance processes that have been codified under the National Historic Preservation Act; its implementing regulations; and Army Regulation 200-1
  • Other legislation that expands the compliance and stewardship roles of the Army with regard to historic preservation

Versar staff performs all duties in accordance with the Secretary of the Interior's Standards and Guidelines for Archeology.

Versar has played a key role in the conception and development of curation facilities. Versarís onsite staff orchestrates the design and implementation of all phases of archaeological fieldwork and report preparation in accordance with the standards set by the US Secretary of the Interior and the State Historic Preservation Office. Versar cultural resources staff painstakingly documents and maintains collections records according to archival standards.

Versar provides qualified cultural staff with the expertise to inventory, evaluate, and monitor historic sites and structures dependently and accurately. We maintain the cultural resources component of geographic information system geo-databases and the Integrated Facilities System Database. Our consultants perform authoritative studies of historical developments and cultural contexts. They produce credible technical reviews and provide reliable written comments on cultural resources compliance documents and cultural resources components of NEPA documents. Versar specialists also assist with updating integrated cultural resources management plans.

Versar archaeological professionals manage numerous archaeological and historical sites including, cemeteries, buildings, structures, landscapes, and monuments. Our onsite archaeological staff builds an environment of trust and responsibility in liaison work with Native American tribes by coordinating meetings, correspondence, and intercultural training.

Versar onsite archaeological staff provides curatorial services such as the following:

  • Developing cultural resources management plans
  • NEPA compliance related to cultural resources
  • Tribal relations
  • Maintaining curation facilities
  • Coordinating cultural resources educational opportunities and outreach
  • Archaeological fieldwork and studies on cultural contexts
  • Collection management document review
  • GIS data management/GPA mapping
  • Historic properties compliance
  • Land surveys, dig permits, and site identification and demarcation
  • Cemetery monitoring