Professional Services

EMS Environmental Management System Programs

Environmental Management Systems (EMS)

Versar provides onsite staff with EMS expertise to develop, support, and maintain environmental management system programs. Our professional environmental staff has in-depth knowledge of the ISO 14001 international standard and customizes EMS programs to fit each customerís needs. The Versar EMS consultants use customer input to develop and implement all of the necessary parts of a successful EMS program, including:

  • Implementing necessary corrective actions and maintaining corrective action plans.
  • Facilitating cross-functional meetings with key personnel
  • Performing compliance inspections
  • Determining significant aspects and creating aspect inventories
  • Developing roles and responsibilities
  • Developing goals, objectives, and associated action plans
  • Creating and disseminating environmental awareness training
  • Developing procedures

Versar environmental management professionals implement EMS programs using a variety of electronic and other tools and can adapt to our customersí preferred methods. Our staff has had great success in combining EMS programs with sustainability programs. We use EMS fundamentals to provide the necessary structure and framework to track sustainability programsí long-term goals, visions, and key milestones. Third-party auditors who have audited our EMS programs have praised our work, noting that the programs Versar environmentalists have developed have become institutionalized throughout the organizations studied.

Versar is successful at developing and maintaining EMS programs across several different organizations because of our ability to find the right person in any location to meet the specific requirements of each one. Versar provides a robust reach back capability because of our deep bench of highly qualified personnel located at Versar offices. Versar EMS staff has implemented or assisted with maintaining EMS programs, including:

  • Fort Gordon, GA
  • Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall, VA
  • Fort Lee, VA
  • Fort Stewart, GA
  • Fort Bragg, NC
  • Fort Buchanan, PR
  • Fort Campbell, KY
  • Peterson Air Force Base, CO
  • Joint Base Lewis McChord, WA