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Professional Natural Resources Management Experts

Natural Resources Services 

Versar's onsite staff supports customers in developing powerful ecosystem management strategies that maintain and enhance natural resources and the environment. The mechanism to attain this is the development and implementation of goals and plans for the conservation, maintenance, and enhancement of major ecosystems. Versar scientists maintain compliance with all federal natural resource laws and regulations. They review and comment on projects proposed to ensure compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act, the Clean Water Act, the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act, and the Endangered Species Act.

Versar's natural resources services include all aspects of forest management, wildlife management, outdoor recreation, and other related activities. We aid customers with collecting, transporting, and breeding specific species of concern. Versar performs collection site monitoring; coordination with collection personnel; species collection; collection population tracking; scouting of possible sites for reintroduction; and the preparation of all applicable documentation. Versar also provides support functions such as gathering information for ordering materials for natural resource projects; organizing outreach activities; and entering information into numerous database programs from any field surveys.

Versar staff is highly trained and skilled in a variety of techniques including herbicide application; brush cutting; tree removal and prescribed fire burns; and seeding and planting. Versar scientists collect data on forest stands, wildlife plantings, and hunting sites and provide the collected data on these sites to the Natural Resources geographic system operator for entry to the GIS.

Versar experts map recent wildfires and insect infestations; provide data for incorporation into the Natural Resources GIS; and establish plot centers so that subsequent studies can use the same plot centers for re-measurement and analysis of changes over time. Versar staff manages ecological burn programs at numerous customer locations and are developing burn strategies that benefit target species and improve ecological function by suppressing uncontrolled forest fires. Our staff works with local firefighters and other emergency personnel within the region while reducing the cost of ecological burning. Versar consultants assist with implementing forest fire management programs that include prescribed burning layout and execution.

Versar scientists are skilled in conducting endangered species habitat studies. Our scientists collect data on endangered species habitats located in a designated area and provide detailed findings by verifying the endangered species habitat against the GIS mapping. They combine data in a written biological assessment for specific endangered species to document information collected in the field and from previous studies and reports.

Versar staff has expertise in plant identification for major ecosystems that include wetlands, forests, and prairies. They also have expertise in identifying various wildlife species associated with these ecosystems and their habitat requirements.

Versar staffing services and expertise include:

  • Surveys for rare and endangered species, including wildlife and vegetation
  • Forestry, fire management, ecological burn programs, and reviews of timber sales
  • Forest protection and noxious and invasive weed treatment
  • Wetland delineation
  • Integrated Natural Resources Management Plans and fauna sampling and monitoring
  • Integrated Wild Land Fire Management Plans
  • Integrated Pest Management Plans
  • Endangered species management and wildlife management
  • Outreach and education