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Stormwater Management Experts

Stormwater Management Services


Versar's onsite staff are the primary point of contact and subject matter experts on stormwater activities at multiple installations across the country. Versar supports stormwater projects, assignments, and programs in accordance with the 2012 MS4 Phase II Annual Report. The staff focuses on the six sections of the MS4 permit, commonly referred to as minimal control measures (MCMs). Some of the MCMs we carry out are public education and outreach programs; public involvement projects; illicit discharge detection and elimination; construction site runoff; post construction activity; and pollution prevention. Versar conducts quarterly stormwater industrial outreach classes on army posts using compelling stormwater impact stories that capture students' attention and motivate their involvement in pollution prevention activities.

Versar's experts have aided in implementing new stormwater filtration systems and programs that encourage communities to work together to accomplish environmental goals. Our programs provide interpretive opportunities, including wetlands education centers; increased habitats for wildlife species; and a training areas for soldiers, while improving water quality by reducing runoff and reducing acreage requirements for facilities on post.

Versar staff members have received recognition for their recurring efforts in improving installation stormwater programs. Versar employees develop informative and entertaining outreach material to help teach the community about appropriate actions and also help to create and maintain bioretention ponds.

Versar has stormwater expertise in the following areas:

  • Phase I stormwater programs
  • Phase II stormwater programs
  • Surface water programs and spill plans
  • General construction permits, multi-sector general permits, and inspections
  • NPDES permitting
  • Sediment control
  • Land-disturbing activity permitting
  • Municipal storm sewer system
  • Stormwater database management
  • Geographic Information Sysyems
  • Underground injection control programs
  • Outreach, education, and training
  • Spill plans