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Sustainability Project Management

Sustainability & Net Zero Services

Exceptional program and project management services have been provided to numerous DOD facilities for a diverse range of programs including Energy, Water, Waste, Air Quality, Sustainable Training Lands, Development, Procurement and Transportation. We know what it takes to implement these programs economically and efficiently while supporting the efforts with solid community building, culture change, and communication strategies.

Our staff of Sustainability and Net Zero professionals offer a full spectrum of support encompassing all aspects of the built and natural environment, while supporting the military training mission by communicating with and educating people across all levels of the organization and surrounding communities.

Sustainability and Net Zero efforts increase the security of the installation and surrounding communities. By partnering with our clients to reach their goals; precious resources are used wisely; costs are avoided; money is saved; dependency on foreign sources of energy is reduced; and the well-being and resiliency of people and neighboring communities is strengthened. Versar staff works closely with installation personnel to assure that the military training mission – and all resources to sustain it – are secured today and in the future.


As a long-time leader in the sustainability field, we understand the power of vision. Versar aids clients with the necessary planning, and places the right people in key positions that develop, guide and implement client programs and projects in a manner that continually motivates progress and ensures program success.

Our staff of sustainability professionals has expertise in program management from the organization and facilitation of multi-stakeholder group visioning sessions to the development of program goals and action plans to managing and implementing its execution. We successfully track and report progress to installation management and stakeholders. Our work results in increased efficiency, reduction of environmental impacts and carbon footprint, and the maximization of long-term economic benefits in the form of cost avoidance and savings.

Net Zero

Versar's onsite Net Zero professionals provide support for integrated strategies to manage energy, water and waste to balance consumption with production for a net usage of “zero.” Adeptness, holistic thinking, innovation, and creativity are hallmarks of our Net Zero experts as they strive to increase efficiency, conservation, and behavior change. By implementing proven and emerging best practices and technologies, onsite staff works closely with installation management in pursuit of Net Zero goals, supporting projects that are cost effective given current technology market conditions and fiscal outlook.

Sustainability and Net Zero Energy, Water and Waste projects that Versar has worked on include:
  • Energy, water, and waste audits
  • Pollution prevention plans
  • Low-impact development design and implementation
  • Sustainable procurement plans and policies
  • Sustainable landscape planning and xeriscape design
  • Walkable campus design concept
  • Energy saving building occupant pilots
  • Single stream recycling demonstration projects
  • Hazardous & solid waste disposal reduction
  • Facility-wide composting
  • Training, awareness and outreach for events including Earth Day, Make a Difference Day, and America Recycles Day.
  • Sustainable transportation, employee commuting, and alternative transportation
  • Carshare, rideshare, bikeshare, and challenges
  • Targeted education to soldiers and workforce
  • Workforce education and seminars
  • Conference planning
  • Strategic planning and community visioning sessions
  • Community partnership
  • LEED