Security Services

Facility Security Assessments by Versar

Facility Security Assessment

Our Advantage

  • Versar has deep, technical knowledge of myriad access control and countermeasure systems; as such, we are well positioned to perform assessments because we are well aware of their real or perceived vulnerabilities.
  • Versar’s in-house engineering staff understand buildings’ structural elements considered for assessing both access to the facility and countermeasures to mitigate explosive devices.

Our Capabilities

  • Risk Assessments to identify risks and determine whether the existing LOP meet baseline standard.
  • Risk Mitigation Studies
    • Assesses the viability of lowering the vulnerability to exploitation of a potential weakness
    • Assesses the use of increasing countermeasures or adding new physical security policies or procedures.
  • Review of physical access Policies and Procedures (governance
  • Emergency and safety training programs
  • Proactive gathering and analysis of terrorist and criminal threat intelligence

Our Background

  • Protecting federal employees and facilities from security threats is of critical importance.
  • Most federal agencies are generally responsible for their facilities and have physical security programs to do so.
  • Federal facilities are characterized within a specific Facility Security Level (1 – 5) for meeting Levels of Protection (LOP) – 5 is the highest level (White House, houses of Congress, Supreme Court; Pentagon. Factors include:
    • Mission Criticality
    • Symbolism
    • Facility Population (onsite contract employees and visitors)
    • Facility Size
    • Threat to Tenant Agencies
  • The Interagency Security Committee develops federal security standards which are adopted by each Agency.
  • Federal facilities must undergo security assessments every 3-5 years, depending on the type of facility level designation or changes in the threat tempo.