Sediment Sampling and Processing Laboratory

Benthic and Plankton Laboratory

Versar maintains fully equipped benthic and sediment processing laboratories. Our capabilities include processing (sorting) of freshwater, estuarine, and marine macro invertebrate samples. Our certified and renowned taxonomists provide taxonomic identification to species level freshwater, estuarine, and marine macro invertebrates collected from all regions and water bodies within the Unites States and its territories. Versar also provides particle-size distribution, grain-size distribution, and total organic carbon analysis for sediments collected from any type of water body in addition to wet weight, dry weight and ash-free dry weight biomass determinations of biological samples.

Recent Projects:

Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary – Processing and taxonomic identification of samples.

Chesapeake Bay – Processing, taxonomic identification, sediment processing and biomass processing for samples from all tidal regions of the Maryland Chesapeake Bay since 1984.

Freshwater Systems – Processing, taxonomic identification, and sediment particle-size distribution analysis for numerous counties and US states.

New Jersey Benthic Indicator – Processing, taxonomic identification, sediment processing, and biomass determinations for samples collected from coastal and intracoastal areas for developing and verifying a benthic biological indicator