Quality Environmental Services & Ecological Management

Ecology and Natural Resources

Versar provides federal, state, local, and commercial clients exemplary ecology and natural resources support based on the best science, dependable services, and innovative applications.

Science — Versar scientists conduct superior original research in ecology, study design, modeling, and emerging sciences such as climate change. Our staff possesses advanced degrees in a wide variety of disciplines, including PhDs in stream ecology, estuarine benthic ecology, marine fisheries, oceanography, biometrics, and physics. We regularly publish scholarly articles in peer-reviewed journals and often serve in leadership positions for scientific organizations and advisory boards. Our contributions to the science of indicator development in the Chesapeake Bay are nationally recognized.

Services — Versar provides clients with a broad range of quality environmental services, including NEPA and storm water compliance, field and laboratory support, and information and stakeholder management. The quality of our service is reflected in our role in developing federal NEPA guidance, state storm water monitoring protocols, and accepted standards for field and laboratory analysis. Our staff are trained and certified in project management by the Project Management Institute.

Applications — Versar combines its scientific research and range of services to develop innovative and practical solutions for natural resources management, ecosystem restoration, watershed planning, biocriteria development, power siting and evaluation, geospatial analysis, and program decision support. Since its inception in 1971, Versar ESA has developed geospatial and indicator applications for the Maryland Power Plant Research Program. ESA has also pioneered watershed restoration planning applications for US Army Corps of Engineers that are now the standard for complying with municipal NPDES storm water permits. Our experience in monitoring and assessment has led to innovative methods for sampling horseshoe crabs, sturgeon, and many other species.