Fisheries Science & Environmental Management

Fisheries Science

Versar has conducted a variety of projects to help evaluate commercial fishing efforts, harvest, and natural resource protection. Versar developed survey designs using state-of-the-art statistical survey procedures and geographic information systems methods; implemented surveys; carried out statistical evaluations of catch per unit effort; and characterized spatial and temporal patterns of fishery resources and fishing efforts.

Recent Projects:

Chesapeake Bay Oyster Resources – Assessed oyster resources in Harris Creek and Little Choptank River for NOAA’s Chesapeake Bay Office using a novel geostatistical analysis approach

Blue Crab Reporting – Developed survey methods for a new blue crab harvest reporting system that collects real time commercial catch data using modern electronic technology

New Jersey Surf Clam Hotspots – Analyzed long-term trends in surf clam abundance along the Atlantic Coast of New Jersey to help USACE avoid high surf clam production sites and refuges during sand borrow projects