International Construction Management Course

International Development & Training

Versar assists emerging nations by providing critical training, advisory, and technical support to international government officials and private construction companies. Our training and service areas include:

  • Principles of democracy and governance
  • Energy
  • Facility operations and maintenance
  • Ethics
  • Project management
  • Water supply and sanitation services
  • Architectural and engineering services
  • Construction management services

Our approach evaluates our clients’ needs, local conditions, and budgets. We then present a training plan to maximize the effectiveness of our support. In Iraq, Versar trained Iraqi government officials on operations and maintenance techniques for their water and wastewater plants, generators, and hazardous waste storage. We developed construction standards for Iraq and trained construction staff and inspectors; implemented American Concrete Institute training courses on concrete testing; and trained more than 900 local engineers on ethical business practices and project management techniques.

Here are a few examples of Versar's course content:

Principles of Democracy and Governance Course

  • Ethics
  • Anti-corruption, transparency, and accountability
  • Capacity building
  • Conflict prevention, mitigation, and transformation
  • Rule of law

Energy Course

  • Utility management and performance improvement
  • Facility services
  • Energy facility siting, design, and construction

Water and Sanitation Course

  • Water supply and distribution systems
  • Sanitation management
  • Total water management planning
  • Wastewater collection, treatment, and reuse
  • Water utility services and management

Architectural / Engineering Services and Construction Course

  • Facility renovation and construction
  • Engineering, procurement, and construction
  • Construction management and oversight
  • Project management