Military Munitions Response Program  (MMRP)

Military Munitions Response Programs (MMRP)

Versar’s MMRP staff consists of professional engineers, registered geologists, project management professionals and former explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) technicians. In addition to mainstream environmental capabilities, Versar offers a wide variety of UXO services and currently employs more than 50 qualified UXO personnel. We also have a regularly updated database of more than 200 UXO technicians. Our EOD technicians either are graduates of the Naval EOD School at Eglin, FL or are UXO-certified by one of the Department of Defense Explosives Safety Board accredited civilian programs such as the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service or UXO Global.

Range Sustainment Services

Versar routinely performs operational range clearance and operations and maintenance activities range sustainment services for DoD. Some of these activities include target maintenance and managing the range residue recycling programs. UXO clearance operations during target maintenance typically include location, inspection, and disposal of live and inert ordnance on the range; and training ordnance, targets, and target residue inspection.

Recycling operations typically include inspection, demilitarization, mutilation, and material documented as safe-certification of all material removed from the range; radiation checks; materials classification; chain of custody requirements; and weighing and reporting loads and types of material transferred to the recycler.

Versar's range maintenance activities include surface and limited subsurface clearance operations to locate safely, identify, assess the condition of, mark, and dispose of munitions and explosives of concern (MEC). We remove small arms brass, penetrator caps and other forms of expended cartridges. Versar is currently performing ORC at two installations and has performed range sustainment at numerous other DoD installations throughout the United States. Versar's range sustainment capabilities include:

  • Environmental condition assessments and sustainability evaluations
  • Development of environmental guidance and best management plans for range management
  • Interpretation of environmental requirements into action plans
  • Geophysical, geologic, hydrogeologic, and similar investigations
  • Document reviews
  • Development of training packages and instructional materials
  • Installing and modifying monitoring systems
  • Developing public outreach packages and meeting support
  • Training staff in preparation for public meetings
  • Assistance with implementing data tracking systems
  • Identifying recommendations to control or eliminate compliance requirements
  • Assisting with military munitions rules and small arms range requirements, including policy interpretation and implementation assistance
  • Range monitoring, permitting, and deconstruction.

MEC Investigations and Removals

Versar provides UXO/MEC services for private sector clients and directly to DoD. Our DoD clients include United States Army Corps of Engineers; the Naval Facilities Engineering Command; the Air Force Civil Engineer Center; The Federal Law Enforcement Training Center; the Department of Homeland Security; and the United States Customs and Border Protection. Our experienced UXO personnel and support staff conduct operations in remote locations for short- and long term-projects. Our staff is qualified to conduct geophysical surveys using a variety of electromagnetic equipment such as the Schondstedt hand-held magnetometer and the EM-61 MK2 array by Geonics. This capability allows us to provide cost-effective surface and subsurface investigations to our clients. We also have qualified divers to carry out underwater-related MEC services. Versar’s MEC investigation and removal capabilities include:

  • Surface and subsurface investigations and removals
  • Underwater investigations and removals
  • Geophysical surveys
  • Data reduction and interpretation
  • Down-hole magnetometry
  • Anomaly avoidance and construction support