Power Plant Operator License

Power Facilities

Versar has worked on state and federal power plant licensing, permitting, and assessment issues in more than 16 states. Our staff has detailed knowledge of the licensing and permitting issues encountered by power generating and transmitting facilities; the related environmental issues that attract public interest; and the unique resources and attributes of the natural environment that are sensitive to power-related effects. Key members of the Versar staff have worked in the area for two decades or more. We routinely prepare or analyze environmental review documents for proposed facilities; draft testimony for licensing proceedings; and provide expert witness testimony on power facility environmental impacts.

Recent Projects:

Power Plants – Support for the Maryland Power Plant Research Program since 1972

Hydropower – Conowingo Dam relicensing

Clean Water Act – Section 316(b) evaluation of once-through cooling facilities

Aquatic Impacts – Potomac River flowby studies

Transmission Lines – Environmental analyses for licensing, including intrastate projects and NEPA studies

Renewable Energy – Wind power research, solar facilities, and landfill gas utilization

Nuclear Facilities – Radiological monitoring