Stream Ecology Lab

Stream Ecology

Versar's expertise in stream ecology includes the full range of disciplines and a national reputation in the development of biological integrity indicators. Versar has supported EPA's, national and regional, scale assessments and designed the highly respected Maryland Biological Stream Survey. We have an in-house benthic lab, state-of-the-art water chemistry and flow monitoring capability, and expert fluvial morphology technologies. Versar has received commendations from federal, state, and local governments for our ecological expertise, monitoring design, and statistical analyses that help clients maintain and restore healthy stream ecosystems.

Recent Projects:

Maryland Biological Stream Survey – Provided survey design, biological indicator development, and data interpretation of 3,500 sites to date.

Loudoun County, VA Stream Assessment – Designed and implemented county-wide survey of 200 sites for macro invertebrates and 500 habitat assessment sites.

EPA National Wadeable Stream Survey – Applied analytical expertise to assess comparability of methods employed by different states.

EPA Stressor Identification Studies – Assessed biological condition and cumulative impacts across diverse landscapes in Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, and Kansas.

Restoration Monitoring – Developed and implemented state protocols for integrating biological, water quality, and geomorphic assessments at Maryland’s Chesapeake and Coastal Bays Trust Fund Sites.