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Wetlands and Forests

Versar has supplied wetlands consulting services to numerous state and local jurisdictions in ten USACE districts. We routinely work directly with and understand the nuances of each of these regulatory agencies. A certified professional wetlands scientist leads our team of wetlands scientists, which has 23 years of experience delineating, surveying, and mapping wetlands on 50,000 acres of land in ten states. Versar supplies expert forestry-related services, such as urban tree surveys, forest management plans, forest stand delineations, and forest compensation plans for DoD and local clients.

Recent Projects:

Wetlands Delineations – Completed wetlands delineations on 10,000 acres at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.

Wetland Functional Assessment – Resolved completing wetlands and endangered species mandates at a proposed beaver pond drawdown.

Forest Management Plan – Determined the tree species present at Naval Research Laboratory Midway Research Center and made comprehensive, long-term management recommendations for each stand.

Urban Tree Survey – Conducted an urban tree survey and vegetation mapping for Selfridge Air Force Base, Michigan.