Location: Texas and New Mexico
Scope: Natural Resource Project Support on Fort Bliss Military Reservation

Project Details

Versar, Inc. is currently working on the sixth consecutive year of support of large-scale natural resources surveys, monitoring, and management efforts on over 1.1 million acres of land on the Fort Bliss Military Reservation in the northern Chihuahuan Desert of Texas and New Mexico. Versar continued monitoring surveys, which have been in place for nearly two decades, for two sensitive plant species, Hueco Rock Daisy (Perityle huecoensis) and Organ Mountains Evening Primrose (Oenothera organensis).

Other surveys include, vegetation community identification for over 260,000 acres of land and 400 linear miles of arroyo/riparian areas per year. Each year, Versar also surveyed over 600 miles of Fort Bliss roads for invasive plant species such as African Rue (Peganum harmala), Malta Starthistle (Centaurea melitensis), and Salt Cedar (Tamarix spp.). Lastly, Versar leads management efforts to control African Rue via mechanical and chemical means and has helped slow the spread of this noxious plant through cooperation on the state and federal level.

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