Water Quality Management & Monitoring System Biological Assessment


Versar has successfully applied the science indicator development to water quality management. Specifically, we help states meet their Clean Water Act mandates by translating scientifically sound biological assessments into criteria that can determine actions under water quality regulations. For the State of Maryland, Versar helped codify both its freshwater and estuarine indices of biotic integrity into biocriteria that now form the basis of 303(d) listing of impaired waters. We also helped the Maryland Department of Transportation improve its biological listing methodology and link this listing to TMDL development through innovative stressor identification.

Recent Projects:

Stream Biocriteria – Developed habitat assessment biocriteria for Maryland Department of the Environment

303(d)/TMDL – Developed methodologies for setting TMDLs

River Condition Index – Developed and evaluated benthic condition indexes for the Hudson River

Rare Species – Developed habitat assessment biocriteria for Maryland's rare salamanders