Estuarine and Marine Ecology Support

Estuarine and Marine Ecology

Versar pioneered conceptual and applied techniques for understanding estuarine and coastal environments and has applied them to support research and studies to estuaries and coastal areas for a variety of clients. We have provided expert estuarine and marine ecology support to state and federal agencies in the Chesapeake Bay for more than 40 years. We have conducted the long-term benthic monitoring and assessment component and numerous other research studies in collaboration with research scientist in government agencies and universities for the Chesapeake Bay Program since its inception in 1984.

Recent Projects:

Effects of Hypoxia – Assessed the roles of hypoxia and other factors on changes in density, biomass, diversity, and secondary production of benthic macro-invertebrate communities in Chesapeake Bay

Diving Ducks – Investigated the relationships between wintering diving duck distributions and their benthic prey in estuarine environments influenced by power plant operations

Sediment Quality – Studied the level of protection afforded by chemical criteria and sediment quality guidelines with respect to measurement endpoints at the individual, population, and community levels