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Naval Support Activity Annapolis and U.S. Naval Academy Under a contract from NAVFAC Washington

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Naval Support Activity Annapolis and U.S. Naval Academy Under a contract from NAVFAC Washington

Naval Support Activity Annapolis and U.S. Naval Academy Under a contract from NAVFAC Washington

NSA Annapolis (NSAA), home of the United States Naval Academy (USNA), is located at the confluence of the Severn River and Chesapeake Bay, is vulnerable to storm surge associated with major weather events and localized, nuisance flooding that is primarily the result of high tides and sustained easterly or southerly winds. Since 1929, the relative sea level in Annapolis has risen approximately 1.06 ft, which has significantly increased the occurrences of nuisance flooding from 2-3 times per year to 30-40 times per year and left USNA more vulnerable to major storms such as Hurricane Isabel in 2003. Impacts from storm surges and nuisance flooding affect daily operations through closures of flooded roads, sidewalks and building entry points. With greater frequency and increased amounts of water, the negative impacts are being increasingly felt throughout USNA operations. Long-term, without future action, many of USNA's buildings and monuments as well as the effective execution of the mission of the Academy at risk.

Swift River Versar JV is assisting NSAA meet these challenges by reviewing NSAA/USNA past studies, reports and data collection efforts and providing planning guidance that will address sea level rise, coastal flooding, storm surge and stormwater planning and mitigation efforts. The goal is to create a comprehensive plan, project portfolio and year-by-year execution strategy to cohesively address these natural hazards.

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