Global Solutions for People, Programs and Processes

Global Solutions for People, Programs and Processes

Customer satisfaction is our top priority!

Versar provides exceptional value to any project by employing our adaptive process management system, effective communication, and advanced quality control methods. Every client has unique needs and we tailor our services accordingly. Client deliverables are custom designed to service the specific requirements of each task, ensuring on-time and on-budget delivery.

Having a Global footprint is a huge advantage to Versar customers no matter where they work. From the harshest environments and most dangerous and remote regions to heavily populated metropolises, Versar maintains a robust database that is constantly updated and expanded, providing a comprehensive resource of experts across all service sectors. Our human resources and database management systems are vital elements, delivering clients successful projects.

Versar, Inc. is a global project management company based in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, with 13 locations around the world.



Since 1969, Versar has provided program and project management support to federal, state, and local government clients as well as to industries worldwide.

Versar offers tailored and secure solutions even in the harshest environments:


From a worldwide network of offices, Versar forms partnerships with our clients to help them comply with regulations, avoid liability, solve environmental problems, and improve infrastructure. Our unwavering commitment to quality, safety and value ensures the highest returns for our customers. Versar’s total global management concept is embedded in our services and provides clients unique and vital resources. 

Our People

Our people are our greatest asset. Versar employs over 400 staff worldwide, which includes civil, chemical, mechanical, and structural engineers; architects; chemists/biochemists; geochemists; geologists/hydrogeologists; hydrologists; biologists; environmental scientists; air and waste contaminant transport modelers; mathematicians; physicists; statisticians; meteorologists; and, construction management professionals. Our expertly trained staff of engineers, scientist, and business professionals allow us to offer a full range of capabilities, providing our clients with a single source for all their project needs. Versar is a responsive and transparent organization, where our employees  apply their skills in a variety of challenging and complex environments to meet client’s needs.

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