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Health & Safety in the Workplace

Versar is also committed to incorporating health and safety into its business culture in the accomplishment of the diverse work requirements within the company's four business areas.

Versar is committed to providing safe and healthy workplaces and operations for its employees, its clients, and the public.

In the course of meeting its diverse work requirements, Versar employees may be exposed to a variety of potential physical and chemical hazards. Versar recognizes these hazards and the need to control them to protect its employees from possible injuries/illnesses. Accordingly, Versar continuously evaluates potential work hazards, develop, and implements policies, and procedures to ensure removal and control of these hazards.

Versar believes that maintaining a safe and healthy work environment requires a team approach in both responsibility and accountability at all levels of its operations. Shared responsibility and accountability has proved to be a very effective approach to managing health and safety on Versar work sites. Versar's ability to perform work safely is a direct result of the company's commitment to ensuring safe operations, providing its employees with the tools to perform their duties in a safe and healthy manner, and assigning health and safety responsibilities to its employees and operating management alike.

Versar requires that all employees conduct themselves in a safe manner while at work and encourages employees to "think safety and put safety first" while away from work. Being safe not only protects the employee, but also the health and safety of co-workers, clients and their employees, the employee's family, and the public.

Versar's positive health and safety culture reflects the following goals:
  • Strong commitment to health and safety at all levels within the company.
  • Health and safety is treated as an investment, not a cost.
  • Health and safety is a major component of Versar’s continuous improvement process.
  • Training and training information is available to all Versar employees.
  • Periodic employee surveys to solicit suggestions from employees for continuous improvement and to create a culture that values and responds to employee feedback/concerns.
  • Blame free employee work environment.
  • Emphasis is on achieving successes and maintaining a successful health and safety program.
  • Responsibility and accountability for health and safety is understood to be that of every employee.

Health and Safety Performance

Providing an injury-free workplace is a priority at all levels in Versar.

In the process of working to achieve its ultimate goal of an injury-free workplace, Versar tracks three OSHA performance measures:

Total Recordable Injury Rate (RIR); Lost Workday (Time) Injury Rate; and Days Away/Restricted or Transferred Rate (DART). Versar uses Experience Modification Rate (EMR) Reports to measure of its health and safety performance.

Versar's total RIR, Lost Workday, and DART rates are, overall, significantly lower than the rates published and reported by the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics for Versar business areas. Versar's annual EMR, reported by the National Council on Compensation Insurance for the past five years for example, has been approximately 20% less than the industry average.

Health and Safety Compliance

Versar's Office of Health and Safety, and Quality conducts site visits to company operating sites each year to assess compliance with environmental, health/safety laws and regulations, as well as internal policies and procedures. Versar prioritizes annual site visit locations based on risks and complexities of the work performed in Versar's diverse business areas.

Versar's focus on ensuring a positive business and safety culture has resulted in a work environment where management and employees alike are committed to "Putting Safety First" in the conduct of the company's business operations/work requirements.

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