Program & Construction Management

Facilitate project success being customer focused and solution driven.

Program & Construction Management (PCM)

Program & Construction Management services span from facility planning, programming and design, construction management, construction, and security systems.

Our world-class Program  & Construction Management (PCM) team delivers timely and innovative solutions, and best practices to complex programs in some of the most challenging environments around the world.

Versar’s mission is to meet every need of our clients. PCM’s comprehensive past experience and level of work reflects this mission. Our diverse project management experience includes over $475 Million of mission-critical work in planning, design, engineering assessment, and construction management services, supporting over $18 Billion in construction projects worldwide.

Our services include:

  • Complete Program and Project Management
  • Construction Management, Project Engineering, and Office Engineering
  • Construction Quality Assurance and Inspection
  • Facility Condition Assessments and Asset Inventories
  • Base Operations and Maintenance Services
  • Professional Services

Value that Surpasses our Customers Needs

Our top priority is meeting and surpassing customer needs. We offer enhanced value to any project team with our active and adaptive management processes, effective communications ability, and advanced quality assurance methods. Our core management team, large pool of worldwide resources, and IT capabilities help us quickly identify, communicate, and address potential issues before they become problems. PCM personnel focuses their efforts on completing projects on time and within scope by maximizing quality to lower costs and eliminate safety incidents.

Versar has a long history of managing construction programs, providing quality assurance services, and construction-phase engineering services. We have contracts with the US Army Corps of Engineers for comprehensive program management and engineering services supporting construction projects in 18 countries. For the US Air Force Civil Engineering Center, Versar provides construction management and quality assurance services at US Government construction sites in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Kuwait.

In the commercial international sector, Versar provides construction management services as Agent, including preparation of bid packages and cost estimates; third-party review of plans and specifications; quality assurance; and engineering and constructability reviews for private developers in the United Arab Emirates.

Versar tailors its services to every client’s unique requirements and design our program management plans to service the specific demands of each new initiative and client, offering the right level service at the right price.

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