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GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS)

  • Contract Number: GS-10F-0356Y
  • Contact: Mr. Ben Eiserike, Contract Manager, [email protected]
  • Applicable Business Size: Other Than Small Business
  • Overview: IDIQ multiple award schedule, providing direct access to simple or complex fixed-price or labor-hour professional services including information technology (IT), advertising and marketing, business consulting, logistics, and professional engineering solutions
  • Scope: Multiple Special Item Numbers (SINs) covering a broad range of support services, including IT services, facilities services, business administrative services, logistical services, marketing and public relations, technical and engineering services (non-IT), training, testing and analysis, and complementary SINs:
    • SIN 54151S: IT Professional Services
    • SIN 561210FS: Facilities Support Services
    • SIN 541611: Management and Financial Consulting, Acquisition and Grants Management Support, and Business Program and Project Management Services
    • SIN 541614: Deployment, Distribution and Transportation Logistics Services
    • SIN 541614SVC: Supply and Value Chain Management
    • SIN 541511: Web Based Marketing
    • SIN 541613: Marketing Consulting Services
    • SIN 541810: Advertising Services
    • SIN 541820: Public Relations Services
    • SIN 541330ENG: Engineering Services
    • SIN 541420: Engineering System Design and Integration Services
    • SIN 541715: Engineering Research and Development and Strategic Planning
    • SIN 611430: Professional and Management Development Training
    • SIN 611512: Flight Training
    • SIN 541380: Testing Laboratory Services
    • OLM: Order-Level Materials
  • Period of Performance: Current ordering period through June 19, 2022 (task order performance can extend beyond the ordering end date). Final contract end date for ordering expected June 19, 2032.
  • Benefits: Simplified acquisition procedures to issue a Request for Quotation (RFQ); range of commercial professional services at discounted and competitive prices
  • Official Website: GSA eLibrary
  • Ordering Process:
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